Quantum Computing

Solve complex problems that today's most powerful supercomputers cannot solve

Why we need quantum computers?

Until now, we’ve relied on supercomputers to solve most problems. These are very large classical computers, often with thousands of classical CPU and GPU cores. However, supercomputers aren’t very good at solving certain types of problems, which seem easy at first glance. This is why we need quantum computers.

Quantum circuit computer

Quantum circuits are built up of wires to denote the quantum bits and boxes to represent the gates, or quantum operations. Accelerate research and applications with the leading quantum services and cloud programming tools.
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Adiabatic quantum computation (AQC)

Adiabatic quantum computation solves satisfiability problems and other combinatorial search problems. Adiabatic quantum computing is equivalent in power to standard gate-based quantum computing that implements arbitrary unitary operations. However, the mapping challenge on gate-based quantum devices differs substantially from quantum annealers as logical variables are mapped only to single qubits and not to chains.